Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mini Series Articles Celebrating Love: Are You The Chosen One?

So guys are busy preparing for the love day. Players are peharps the most stressed people this week as they try to sort out finances for all the sidechicks and allocate time so that all shareholders are accomodated. I guess ladies might want to bite my nose for saying this; a man can have as many as 10 beauties but only loves one. Sounds ludacris but its true. Science is yet to provide answers so I dont know why. So,if you are not taken out this Friday,assuming all factors remain constant,then probably you are not the one. All side chicks will receive a bunch of gifts and nothing much while the chosen one will get a treatment of a lifetime. Anyway,some think that Valentine is over rated. Debatable. Love should be celebrated everyday but on this day we go an extra mile just a little bit to show how much we cherish our loved ones. And oh! a tip for the ladies,surprise your guy with a gift and make it a habit. You will receive thrice as much and more conc love that you aint seen before. Nonetheless,love is a two way street \o/ . All the best as you prepare. Have a love filled day,won't you?