Friday, 30 October 2015


The current ‘pouring’ of 2015 KCSE exams (it’s no longer a leakage), has reminded me of a hilarious incident just a few days to our KCSE back then. This is one of world untold stories of our 404 N class. He he he Read on! 

The atmosphere was full of mixed emotions; feelings of anxiety and joy. The event in the coming week would be a defining moment for the all young lads donning not so white shirts, faded navy blue blazers and grey trousers with white patches around the sitting apparatus, a sign of four years of hard work. That in a few days, determination of our destiny will be entirely in our hands. We could either successfully shape our future or slip up but we were not leaving anything to chance. Nevertheless, we were joyous for being on the last stage of completing 12 years of study. A long trying journey full of ups and downs.

It was just a few days to the KCSE national exams. All form fours (flag bearers as the principal used to refer to us) we were outside the classrooms scrubbing our desks to be void of any writings, scouring hard the seat and the desk where we will be sitting for next 3 weeks shaping our future; hopefully a clean future like the surface our desks. A dark cloud was hanging above our heads but the mood was just fine: guys were happy, engaging in sentimental moments, the mono days he he he.

In amidst of the cleaning frenzy somebody walked up to me; a form one student bearing a message. Talking in low tones, he told me that somebody standing outside the school fence wants to talk to any form four.  I don’t know why he came to me specifically. So I left to meet this stranger who had something important that he could only share with a KSCE candidate. At the back of my head I knew what it was but I could not understand where this stranger got the contraband as the exams hadn’t started. However, I couldn’t also rule it out because we knew that the so called ‘big’ schools had this thing way before the rest of us in decimal schools could even begin exams.

Reaching the school fence, there were two suspicious looking boys standing across the fence. The boys were donning uniform of Agoro Sare High School for those who come from that part of Kenya, you must know it well. They were bearing good news or not as it later turned out. They told me that they had ‘moo’, a Luo epithet for exam leakage. The English translation for ‘moo’ is ‘oil’. It’s referred as so because it makes things smooth especially tough exam papers. Ha ha ha!

But I digress…

On sale at this point was English paper one and Chemistry paper I with the rest coming later once we raise enough cash. It was somewhat a relief for me when it came to Chemistry as I hadn’t polished up my knowledge on Organic Chemistry just in case it was there. This was a special offer and the vendors agreed to offer the two at an introduction offer of Ksh.1500. Even if I wanted to take it for myself, my pocket money was barely exceeding Ksh.500, I couldn’t afford the package. So I told them to hold up. I went to my classmates to tell them the ‘good news’.

Upon sharing the good news, I could see the sigh of relief on comrades’ faces. There was so much excitement all around but we kept it in the low, careful not to attract unnecessary attention. Quickly we raised Ksh.1500. I was amazed at how fast the funds were availed. I went back and took the ‘product’. I came back and we immediately started looking for answers. We began with the Chemistry paper. You how tough Chemistry can be especially paper one. Shiet!

As revision progressed, we stumbled upon one tough question. It was beyond the class champ so we had to seek help from the overall chemistry champ who was from another class. Imagine my shock when this genius told me he had encountered the question before and he vividly recognized the paper as Nandi South District Mock. Ha ha ha!  The other paper, English paper I, was uncovered to be Kericho District Mock. We were conned man! Actually, this was my first con experience. We felt so stupid but you couldn’t blame us we were looking after our own skin, won’t you?

In retrospect with view of the current ‘pouring’ of 2015 KCSE exams (it’s no longer a leakage), you can’t really blame the students. Everyone wants a better future and KCSE seems to be a major contributor to that future. Even so, those in charge of exam administration should work to seal all the loop holes and have a fair playing field.