Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Mini Article Series Celebrating Love: Friendzone,Men's Worst Nightmare

So yesterday was ladies turn. Today,I reach out to all those ninjas who have been friendzoned. I guess they too are busy doing last minute preparations for the love D Day tomorrow. Hey yoh! Don't crush your heart. If she calls you to tell you about her problems and doesn't bother to call you when she craves for fun,then you guy,you are officially in friend-zone. If she calls you names sijui dear,dearie and other sweet like names that don't mean anything then bruh,you have earned your slot in dreaded sexual purgatory. If you share the same bed without even cuddling to say the least then uko friend-zone mtu wangu.There are lots of them and I would go on & on but these these are the red alerts. I am sincerely sorry to be the one to break to you this bad news. Shit happens.

Anyway,its not easy to turn things around if she already views you as a friend thus relegating you to the friend-zone. If you want to be friends that's sasawa but if you want her to be your beloved then next time keep your eyes on the ball young fella and don't over play the friendship card. Meanwhile,if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms abort mission and run bruh! Don't even look back run lol!

Have a friendly day,won't you?