Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Unemployment is No Ones Wish, Take Heart

I almost cried today when somebody castigated those who have not been fortunate enough to secure employment. According to that person, those people are not doing enough to help themselves. You see, its no ones wish to remain unemployed and I believe, anyone who has no job is doing something to mitigate the situation. This transition is challenging and others have decided to take away their lives just to end the frustration, while others have remained steadfast,laded with faith that can only be compared to that of Father Abraham. Commendable.
 Self employment has been taunted as the magical cure to the unemployment problem with the rates hitting all time high of 46%. Granted, everyone will tell you to start your own business but ironically, those who tell you that, are employed. Its easier said than done and much easier if you are not the victim.
You see starting a business, especially in your area of specialization as a graduate is a daunting task especially if you are in service industry like me. Of course, capital is a problem so you opt to borrow loan from the bank. Only to reach the bank and be told that you have been blacklisted by the credit reference bureau because you are yet to clear your HELB Loan. The next option is to borrow from family and friends but as you may have realized by now, you are on your own and nobody gives a damn.  Those niggas from HELB want their cash back and you have no idea how you are going to pay them. So technically you are stuck, you are not really sure how you will wade through these murky waters.
As much as entrepreneurship is the way to go,for me, I believe that its better for you to seek employment first so that you practice, gain experience, and establish formidable network in the industry then poof! off you go start your own business empire. By this time, you have saved enough cash,and cleared your HELB Loan or you are almost clearing. This is Kenya, you cant get those lucrative contracts be it government or private sector if you don't know people and that's why its important for you to be employed so that you get to know these people who will give you business once you go solo.
Again,its not always about the money. This is where everyone goes wrong. Its about passion of what you studied and the need to practice what you studied. So,after solving all those complex calculus or matrix for 4 years, you graduate to begin quail business? Hell no, you were made for greatness lol! . Let quail business be aside hustle but practice what you studied.Its fulfilling and you didn't waste that fees going to school. You could as well started the quail business without enrolling for that Bachelors degree or diploma anyway. 
 By the way,its not a guarantee that the business that everyone seems to be pressuring you to establish will succeed. Research has it that 98%  of new businesses collapse within 3 years of being established. Its tough my friend,I have tried it getting clients is not easy more so if you are selling a service. Its worth a short still.

My mantra that keeps me going is #YOLO i.e You Only Live Once. Don't get stressed with money.Its never that serious.Enjoy yourself. You will die and leave all that wealth of shit behind which will be enjoyed by others who did absolutely nothing to acquire it. On your deathbed, you will wonder why you were struggling that much. As so long as you can eat,pay rent, pay school fees for the children and generally take care of your family,you are doing great. Any additional things are problems you bring unto yourself sijui car,mortgage blah blah... And oh!Avoid debts by all means. When you get that job don't go borrowing wedding loan, dowry loan, car loan, mortgage and all other sorts of loans on top of that HELB Loan. You will be enslaved to debts till you depart from this earth. Its a pathetic life, trust me. Just lead a simple life and all will be well. By the way, if you can, pay your child's university fees so that he/she doesn't begin life with a huge debt.It slows one down.
You have worked so hard, passed all the exams, you have the skills that are required and you are ready but no opportunity for you just yet. Its not your making. Its just that's the way things are,life has never been fair and you you take it as it is. Lastly,before you condemn your friends who are jobless for not doing anything, ask yourself how you have helped them get out of that situation.Empathize with them.Its not their wish. Give all the support you can during the trying times,it ain't easy. Some had a head start while others are still waiting for their breakthrough moment. It will come,God has not forsaken you.  If you have opportunities share them. Be nice to each other. Thank you....Adios! iOut!