Thursday, 6 December 2012

Nuisance as Cockroaches Invade Hostels


Friday was a very important day, apart from the much awaited Fresher’s Night; I had other plans which were supposed to crown the day. Preparations for this day began long before as I was expecting a visitor whom I hoped to impress that day. When the visitor arrived, I prepared tea as we chatted. I served tea and placed the slices of bread on the plate. As I picked a slice from the plate, a big brown cockroach strolled from one slice to the other. I am not sure whether my visitor saw it but she refused to take bread claiming she’s full. Deep down my heart, I knew the cockroach had just spoiled my date.
Cockroach Invasion
From hostel A to campus suburbs comrades have been forced to put up with the unwelcomed visitors. It’s normal to have at least a few roaches in almost every house or room but going my own experience and those of friends the population of these pests is growing fast. The roaches are virtually everywhere crawling from the utensils to wardrobes oblivious of, not only the embarrassment they might be causing us in front of our esteemed visitors but also the disease causing microorganisms they might be carrying with them. This has brought additional expenses as comrades have been compelled to make budgetary allocation for pesticides courtesy of cockroach invasion.
Cockroach 101
Cockroaches are attracted to sweet and floury foods. They also eat non-organic items such as toothpaste and books! They live in warm and damp places, like kitchens, bathrooms, and places where people eat and drink. Brownbanded cockroaches prefer warmer, drier, and higher locations than most cockroaches. They do not need much moisture and avoid light whenever the can. Cockroaches crawl through dirty areas and then walk around our homes/rooms taking in lots of bacteria and germs. They can contaminate food by shedding their skins. Their cast off skin and waste by products are allergens that can trigger allergic reactions, asthma and other illnesses.
The hostels department should consider the idea of fumigating the hostels before occupation by comrades. I guess by now, you have bought a pesticide to combat the invasion. Meanwhile, entomologists encourage you to keep your room clean and dry with special attention to cooking, eating and food storage areas.