Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Malicious Spread of HIV/AIDS in Our Universities: Hoax or Reality?


 It first started or rather reported way back in 2006 where a female student in one of the public universities allegedly slept with 24 men whom she deliberately infected them with the dreaded virus. Since then cases of a student providing a list of persons whom she has slept with and supposedly infected has been on the increase in recent times. Two weeks ago one female student here in this campus claimed in Facebook to have deliberately baptized a number of students. She claimed to have been infected by a student in school of Business and Economics (name withheld) whom she met in a popular pub in stage. Having discovered that she was positive she started a revenge mission.
Concerns are now being raised about this worrying and unfortunate trend. Are these claims actually true or hoax? They have since caused panic and suspicion among comrades. However, what’s more worrying is the number of people who still engage in unprotected sex. This has left stakeholders in the fight against HIV/AIDS scratching their heads.
The government and other stakeholders involved in HIV/AIDS campaigns had significantly cut back on their spending (advocacy for protected sexual intercourse) believing that they had successfully driven the message home. These incidences have brought to the fore one critical question: are people being oblivious of the lurking dangers in having unprotected sex or are they purely ignorant?
In the notes left by the perpetrators it gives one a picture of a person raging with anger and revenge. The victims claim that they contracted the disease while in campus and they make personal vows to spread it like bush fire in an attempt to feed their revenge. This act is punishable by law and one is guaranteed of going to jail if found guilty. It’s more disturbing given that it is taking place in the top most level of the education system where brilliant people build their careers not to mention the huge investments made by the parents and the government.