Sunday, 2 December 2012

Moi University Hostels Entrepreneurship Awards 2012

 Saturday,24th November 2012 will go down in history as the first day that the university recognized outstanding entrepreneurship skills among students. The milestone colurful event was held in ICDC Complex where various hostels were recognized for their acumen in entrepreneurship. Speaking at the event, head of entrepreneurship studies, who was the guest of honour encouraged the students to start their own business instead of sitting back waiting to be employed….Alright, I made that up! There was no such event but what if we had one? Overtime, we have been able to witness significant growth of businesses in our various halls of residence. Conceivably, Entrepreneurship Students Association could come up with awards for these young entrepreneurs who have given convenience a whole new meaning. While ESAMU ponders on that, I would like to give a glimpse how the awards would have turned out. The following parameters were taken into consideration: innovativeness, pricing, variety of goods & services, quality & quantity of goods & services and customer care.
a side view of Hostel H

Front view of Hostel H
Hostel Entrepreneurship Award 2012 goes to….Hostel H!...This is the most enterprising hostel in the entire campus. This hostel hosts ISO Certified hustlers, comrades who are go-getters and literally have nose for money. Hostel H, just like Nakumatt, you need it, they’ve got it. Everything is under one roof: tomatoes, onions, hot mandazis, milk, porridge, omena, graphic designers, video editors, shylocks, and coil repairs among others…You name it, and you will probably get it. This hostel has an edge in innovation, variety of goods/service and remarkable customer care services where some entrepreneurs had their customer care numbers pinned on the door. Perhaps ESAMU should organize mbuzi plot for these peeps…
First runners-up…Hostel J. This is the most enterprising hostel among the divas halls of residence. Apart from the usual photocopy, printing, scanning, ngumuz, scones e.t.c they also sell githeri. The entrepreneurs here have outdone their counterparts in L and K in the sale of clothes, shoes, ornament& jewellery, and cosmetics among others. They are very aggressive, carrying out door to door sales and marketing.
Second runners-up…Hostel G, The Technology Hostel. I am not sure whether it is a coincidence or conspiracy that the comrades in this particular hostel have a thing for technology. This hostel stands out in technology oriented businesses. This is the hostel that hosts DSTV & internet service providers, computer technicians, digital photo processors and camcorders for hire. At some point they had a washing machine but I am not sure what became of it.
At the other side of the scale-bottom three, the least enterprising hostels we have: hostel A…located next to falls, these peeps don’t even have airtime leave alone ngumuz. They are closely followed by hostel E…Are there people living in this hostel? Hostel B closes the list…they have the usual stationery services but the entrepreneurs are always absent. Generally, all entrepreneurs scored well on pricing and quality/quantity of goods/services. Perhaps the only let down is the sale of stale ngumuz and scones. Otherwise have an enterprising day, won’t you?