Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The IDP Circus

Various IDP groups are now emerging and its increasingly becoming difficult for the government to settle the individuals displaced during 2007/08 the Post Election Violence since it cannot ascertain their claims.

With less than five months to general election, it is unfortunate that thousands of IDPs are still languishing in make shift camps, five years since they were displaced. The government has used approximately 2 billion Kenya shilling in the resettlement program since it was initiated.The government has encountered challenges in acquiring land for the IDPs despite the fact that funds for the same has been allocated. It has, occasional times have been compelled to withdraw land acquisition process in identified areas owing to rebellion from the natives. This has brought spotlight to the state of reconciliation and be as it may; it leaves much to be desired in peace and reconciliation efforts.
An IDP camp

Matching to president’s home
That aside, the number of IDPs seems not to be reducing instead some are now emerging albeit the efforts put forth by the government. Recently, group purporting to be IDPs were stopped from matching to the president’s home protesting the delay in resettlement. The government has since rejected their claims saying that they are not genuine IDPs. Another group from Kibera staged a demonstration on the streets of Nairobi claiming they were displaced and has since not received compensation from the government. This begs the question, where have they been for the past 4 years?

Those masquerading as IDPs have turned the IDP resettlement program into a circus. It is difficult to differentiate genuine IDPs and fake ones who are present at the camps during the day and go back to their houses at night. The fund was meant to indemnify the victims but as it is turning out some are out to unlawfully gain from the program at the expense of deserving cases.