Friday, 26 June 2015


So I’m sitting here filing the tax returns thingy. I’m on this last section conveniently labelled ‘Tax Compilation’. My eyes are stuck on this box that has amount of tax payable. I can’t help but think that part of this tax collected over the last year was stolen by some rogue government operatives and their associates.  My mind shifts to the NYS Saga. Some faceless lady was about to swindle slightly over Ksh. 600M. I believe that we have already lost more money than those in charge are willing to admit. In hindsight, this IFMIS thingy should be thoroughly audited and overhauled.  Anyway, I feel like crying as accruing this income was no walk in the park. As a matter of fact, the right side of both my shoe sole are longer there. The hustle has milled them to thin plastic chips.

While wandering in my thoughts, I also think of what I could have done with money which has now been stolen whilst it could have been used for the good of the people.  I could have settled part of my student loan commonly referred to as HELB loan. Now this HELB is like a mortgage you can pay till you die! Jeez! You pay Ksh.5 and reduces by Ksh.2. And such is life. By the way, debt is not good for your financial health. Don’t be hoodwinked by those sassy sales ladies from commercial banks.

But I ramble. Moving on.

I also could have kwachuad   ka ¼ acre in some remote area in the armpit of Kajiado County.  I mean could have done so many things with this tax bill. Somebody stole it plus those of others for his/her own good. It’s okay. I’m one of those who believe that karma is a bitch; law of natural justice.  I’m no longer sure whether I will reveal all my income streams in future as they come as I am skeptical if they will be used properly as they should.

I strongly believe that our indifference as Kenyans has contributed to the high theft cases of the public coffers. The thieves know too well that we will just sit back and watch as they rob us in broad day light. We can’t leave this task of fighting graft to Boniface Mwangi, Okia Omutata, Transparency International, Mars Group Kenya and other players in the civil society.

Everyone must join the fight. It doesn’t matter which political divide we belong to because at the end of the day it’s both our monies that are being illegally siphoned. Join the hashtags, the demos when called upon. You can’t afford to play safe when it comes to corruption. Our voices must be heard.