Thursday, 30 April 2015


The love scene has changed drastically since our old days. I long for those days that a hand written letter loaded with love song lyrics from hit love songs could just do the magic. Interestingly, this is the only phase during my entire lifetime that I listened to Westlife, Celine Dion and the like. Remember Solidad, Queen of My Heart and other shitty love songs back then? In those hay days, all I needed to express my love was my impressive handwriting and some sweet words albeit largely borrowed from Westlife songs’ lyrics. Chilling in the house worked or in the extreme cases, taking a walk within the neck of the hood. Simple. Easy.

Fast forward. 2015. Expressing your love nowadays has become a complex idea. Her inkling of love is going to Impala grounds, sit on the grass (or a Maasai Shuka) taking some expensive vodka while listening to some music that she doesn’t have idea which genre it belongs. Others, want to attend Masaku 7s and all other rugby 7s circuit encounters notwithstanding her ignorance of what ‘a try’ means. If you don’t grant these wishes and others just as ridiculous, you will be deemed not be so loving. From the foregoing, a subtle deduction is that love has developed a close relationship with money. Tragic.

As tragic as it is that money has taken precedence over love, guys are learning to adapt. However, if you don’t live up to her perception of expressing love then you can as well kiss the relationship goodbye because believe or not, there is another man standing by and ready to give her the world. Ha! And against the man with money bags, you will surely lose unless it is an exceptional true love.  The bottom line is that money shouldn’t be a criteria for love but I can as well tell that to the birds in the air.