Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Its 2017, I am sitting in the living room with my son, Harvey, watching the inauguration ceremony of Kenya’s fifth President. There is a lot of noise by the joyous crowd gathered at Uhuru Park grounds.  Meanwhile, my lovely wife, Nyambura, who hails from Kiharu has decided not to watch the ceremony with us.

She is (pretending to be) busy with some (far-fetched) house chores. I understand how she feels. I was in the same position exactly 5 years ago. I let her be. She has been moody since the election results were announced. She loves me to bits though (or so I believe). Ha!  

The Chief Justice now tries in vain to calm down the now super charged crowd running to a million chanting “Baba! Baba! Baba!” He signals them to come down. There is momentary silence with a few chants here and there. Then he breaks the silence…

I, Raila Amollo Odinga, solemnly affirm that I will truly and diligently serve the people and the Republic of Kenya in the office of the President; that I will diligently discharge my duties and perform my functions in the Office of President of the Republic of Kenya; and I will do justice to all in accordance with this constitution, as by law established, and the laws of Kenya, without fear, favour, affection or ill-will. So help me God.

The crowd breaks into wild cheers and jubilation. The KTN cameraman zooms in the crowd. I see a section of the crowd overwhelmed by emotions; they are crying. Tears of joy. It’s unbelievable baba is now officially the fifth President of Republic of Kenya.

A tear drops from my right eye. Oh my God I’m crying too jeez! I bet you don’t want to know when I last cried. “Daddy, why are you crying,” Harvey asks me. I wipe my tears and look at him with my eyes now reddish. “That man you see over there is the greatest leader our country has ever had. His victory has been stolen twice in the past and this was his last chance to be Kenya’s President and he has finally made it. I’m very happy Harvey,” I tell Harvey.

At this point it doesn’t matter to me whether Harvey thinks that his dad is weak. It is a defining moment. Meanwhile, the crowd is unstoppable. They are singing, dancing and waving placards suggesting towards the dais.  Security is having a really difficult time. Baba unsuccessfully tries to calm the mammoth crowd now ultra-charged.  He decides to address them amidst the noise but he can’t continue as the noise is too much. He boards the presidential limo and his entourage follows him. The huge crowd follows the entourage. It crazy.

Once again Kenya is voted the most optimistic country in the world. In the meantime, I go to the kitchen where I find mama Harvey washing the utensils. I pause slightly, admiring the magical beauty in front of me (damn! She is fine. The little voice is my head whispers) then I break eerie silence…

“Si you will slaughter that jogoo for dinner. “Sawa babe”, she responds (in a sweet charming voice) without looking at me. Of course the chicken must die as we celebrate baba’s historic victory. Others will bring down bulls and goats. I am not sure about sheep. The chicken that I had set aside for celebrations in 2013 was spared as we controversially lost (we were rigged out).

I go back to the living room. All media stations are busy analyzing baba’s impending presidency. NTV is hosting Mutahi Nguyi (I want to smack his face, shit!) while KTN hosts Adams Oloo, Political Science don from the University of Nairobi. I call my friends supporting jubilee to tease them. I tell them this thing #IsMarwa and #Okwabisecho he he he…Some are deeply hurt but I tell them to give baba a chance, he will deliver.

I then call my folks and share the joy. We chat and laugh. In deed it’s a new beginning for Kenya as Kenya’s father democracy takes charge. It was a long time coming. Awooh!