Wednesday, 8 April 2015


How many times have you experienced awkward moments while watching a movie or series with friends or family? One too many times, right? The prohibiting of the controversial movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ by the government film regulator brings to fore the increasing challenge of family entertainment.
To bring you up to speed, Fifty Shades of Grey was banned (obviously) due to the pornographic content and other latent immoral lessons. You will agree with me that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a movie or TV series that you can comfortably watch and with your family or in presence of the young ones. When it happens that you are watching with others, the sex scene seems to last like forever and it can’t get any more awkward (eew!). You wish the power could go off but no, it is there to stay (tell me about it).

Nowadays, you will hardly find a movie or TV series that does not have (an explicit) sex scene. As a matter of fact, the sex scenes have proliferated and there is barely a difference between a typical movie and a pornography. Some are just extreme that even if you are watching alone it becomes very uncomfortable (I know what you are thinking he he he). You have to turn down the volume so that the neighbors don’t get a wrong impression because you were innocently watching what was supposed to be a normal movie.

TV shows like Banshee, The Affair, Spartacus, and Games of Throne among others come to mind. Also, lately the movie/TV series producers have introduced gay sex scenes (Scandal, for example) in a bid to normalize homosexuality which is yet to be accepted in the African culture further aggravating the already dire situation. 

Fifty Shades of Grey and others like it are poisoning the minds of our children and even young adults.  Children exposed to pornography are the ones that end up committing rape when they become of age. Adults on the other hand have sexual dysfunctions which ultimately lead to broken marriages. Unfortunately, what they fail to realize is that the guys on the movie are merely acting and some of the things they do are not entirely true for instance the overrated orgasms, pleasure (ha!).

It will be a daunting task to get a morally upright (read moderate) entertainment for the family in the future with the increasing sexualizing of entertainment. For the producers, sex sells and that’s good enough for them. All said and done, its trickles down to personal responsibility.

P.S Yoh! Now, get your mind out of the ditch huh!