Friday, 5 September 2014


Now with the onset of the rains,I hope the price of tomatoes will come down; assuming the high prices were as a result of Demand & Supply Theory (I know you don't remember that.Come on! admit it lol!)

But I still believe the ridiculous price of tomatoes was just Kenyans being greedy as always (take the case of Senators as an illustration). I am told ninjas around Regen-Kinoo area were folking a cool KES 45 for wait for it,2 tomatoes. Yes,that's right. Sometimes back 45bob could get you 9 tomatoes (oh times have really changed huh?).

By the way,is Regen-Kinoo area a middle class zone? (no pun intended). You see,its only the middle class peeps who buy these 'premium tomatoes' because they have a lot of money to throw around-ballin'. (Whispering naaah! they pretend to be rich but in real sense they have negative net worth). Ahem!

Dear God save this lovely nation from greed and as I hit the streets to hustle,I pray that I get more than the price of two tomatoes (oi! certified hustlers you can join me in this part)