Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Man Deliberately Gets Infected With HIV/AIDS

Everyday we are bombarded with startling information.  Last year, a research conducted among the Kenyan youth showed that the ladies fear getting pregnant more than contracting HIV/AIDS. Weird right? So, what can make you to deliberately infect yourself with the ‘dreaded’ virus?

Golden Handshake
Jackson (not his real name) who hails from Kisumu County was an employee of Kenya Railways but he lost his job when the corporation carried out massive retrenchment that saw hundreds of employees lose their jobs. Jackson came back home with the golden handshake, built new houses for his two wives and went ahead to marry a third wife. Jackson was now the talk of the village. His homestead had many visitors as people came to watch news and football in his new television powered by solar panel. The solar panel had just enough energy to power the television and also to do lighting in the home. 

The number of villagers who came to watch news increased as Jackson was providing supper everyday for his visitors. When the news of Jackson’s ‘generousity’ went round the village, he began receiving more visitors who trooped in fifteen minutes before the news and would not leave until they took supper. The habit by the villagers was straining his finances but he couldn’t stop since he needed to maintain his image as a man with deep pockets but as it turned out it was unsustainable; the TV suddenly became dysfunctional.
Life was now difficult as taking care of his three wives as the money was no more. The wives engaged in farming though the soil in that area is not very productive but they were at least able to get something considerable.

Four homesteads away from Jackson’s home was Caroline’s home. Caroline was once married as a second wife to a man who used to work for the government but he succumbed to the virus owing to promiscuity of his first wife (who died shortly after him) while he was away at work in town.
Caroline, about one month after her husband’s death shocked the village when she screamed her lungs out around 10PM in the night. Neighbours responded to her distress call and ran to her home only to find her crying that she is lonely and needs a man to warm her bed.

That marked the beginning of suitors who came to warm Caro’s bed. Three years since her husband’s death, Caroline was now having three children each with a different father. She had not bore any child with her husband since he was apparently barren. However, one of the suitors who inherited her had infected her with HIV/AIDS and unfortunately, the child was also infected. The child could have been infected during birth given that she did not deliver in the hospital. When her health began to deteriorate she was taken to the hospital and the doctors broke the news to her. She lived in denial and at last fellow women in the village convinced her to enroll for the Anti-Retroviral drug program provided for free in government hospitals.

Meanwhile, Caroline had been pursuing her husband’s employment benefits with little success. After making several trips to Nairobi city, the Ksh.700, 000 was released. As always such news usually spread like bushfire in the village. Once again Caroline was spoilt for choice as suitors came to inherit her despite her HIV status. This time round Jackson was one of the suitors. He made several trips to her home and not long after Caroline was pregnant.

 Jackson’s three wives stormed Caroline’s home baying for her blood. They were angered by the fact that Caroline knew her HIV status but went ahead to sleep with their husband. Caroline ran for her dear life as she saw the women approaching the gate. After the scuffle, the third wife packed her stuff and went back to her parent’s home saying that she cannot get infected with HIV. “I’d rather die of any other disease but not AIDS” She was heard saying while walking out of the home in protest. However, the other two women remained put.

Waiting for Death
When Jackson was apparently asked why he went ahead to make out with Caroline notwithstanding the fact that he knew her status he said that he had nothing to live for and that he was waiting for his death. The village pundits argued that he was lured by the money. Meanwhile, word has gone round the village that Caroline wants to put up an ultra post-modern house with the benefits.