Thursday, 2 June 2011


Speculation is rife as to what is happening in Raila’s world as far as his presidential ambitions are concern. This comes at a time when he is perceived to be losing grip of his support.
Raila has been considered to be enigma in Kenyan political arena for quite a long time now but of late, the incumbent Prime Minister is perhaps facing one of the most exigent times in his career. First, according to the last polls by Synovate Group he is losing his popularity despite the fact that he is still the leading presidential aspirant. Secondly, ODM his party in which he is the leader is under siege. This began when he differed with one of his close ally, William Ruto regarding some national issues which included Mau Forest Conservation and the prosecution of the post election violence. Ruto who also happens to be the political kingpin of the Rift Valley Province decided to launch rebellion against Raila and his allies. They walked out of the party leaving it relatively weaker than it used to be. This has sent shock waves and panic to party supporters across the country. The party is losing its ground and cannot comfortably win debates in parliament owed to reduced numbers. The rebel M.Ps accused the party leader of undermining democracy in the running of the party affairs. Last week, the party had to withdraw its members from Parliament Legal Affairs Committee. The chairman of the committee, Ababu Namwamba, who was from ODM was embattled and due to inadequate numerical support in the committee.
In out of the ordinary move, the rebels M.Ps have joined forces with the PNU party who at one point they couldn’t see each other eye to eye. It’s true; there is no permanent enemy in politics, so I heard. They are in fact in the offing of forming a political alliance. Members from different parties including the rebel have come together in what has been seen as an attempt to lock and fix Raila out of the contention of presidency. This move also shows how this man, Raila, is powerful in the political arena. Up to now, he has not taken any concrete action in an attempt to counter the popularity and influence of the alliance which seems to be posing an imminent threat to his political career. What baffles his supports and the opponents too is his continued silence regarding the issue. So what exactly is cooking in Raila’s kitchen? Anyway the political temperatures are set to rise as individuals jostle for position and campaigns for 2012 take top gear. As for Raila, it is wait and see as his supporters wait observe how he will redeem himself from the current political grave in which he is.