Thursday, 2 June 2011

Is ODM Committed Towards Dispensation of The New Constitution?

The deadlock being witnessed in the parliament committee of Justice and Legal Affairs as a result of ODM withdrawing its members from the committee has left people questioning its commitment towards implementation of the new constitution.
Last week on Thursday, ODM announced the withdrawal of its members from the parliamentary committee of Justice and Legal rebel MPs. The standoff emanated from the leadership tussle of under siege and has received strong opposition mostly from the PNU MPs to step down. They argue that the chairperson is partisan and is working according to the ideology of his party. The speaker, Hon.Kenneth Marende convened a meeting in White sands Hotel, Mombasa in an attempt of finding a breakthrough in the prevailing stalement but in dismay of everyone, the ODM delegates were conspicuously missing. The action above brings to the limelight the level of commitment by the ODM party towards implementation of the new constitution.
ODM was one of the most vocal parties that were spearheading the campaigns for adoption of the new constitution last year August. Their principles and core values in their manifesto does not reflect what they are currently doing. Some of the ODM leaders are arguing that there must be consultation as provided for in the national accord 2008.This is a sheer lie and is misleading the public since the accord provides for consultation between the principals in the government but not in parliamentary issues. If Raila still has the presidential ambitions, then it is high time that he his house in order lest he regrets.

As a matter of fact, parliament is behind schedule in the debating and enactment of various bills that makes the new constitution operational. The legislation to be enacted by parliament  before August next year include: Kenya National Human Rights and Equity Commission(Article 59),Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission(Article 79),legislation on elections(Articles 82),Electoral Disputes(Article 88),Legislation on political parties(Article 92),System of Courts(Article 162),Vetting of judges and magistrates(sixth schedule, section 23),and Urban areas and cities(Article 183) among others. There is no doubt that the parliament has more work to do and delays caused by such standoff will derail the implementation of the new constitution. Politicians should desist from playing politics and focus on the interests of the citizens. Let them put their differences aside and work together towards realization of the new constitution.